Meta just launched its new Twitter competitor, Threads, ahead of the anticipated release. It is currently the fastest growing online service to reach 1 million users—that was in just 1 hour! In fact, it reached 10 million users in 7 hours, and 70 million users within its first two days. That makes it one of the fastest growing apps in history!

With momentum we’ve not seen before, Threads is a platform that’s setting itself up to rival some of our favorite channels.

Currently, you are unable to send a direct message to anyone, but the upside is with all the excitement—even celebrities are trying to grow their accounts from the ground up. Could this mean some extended time for chatting from your favs? We sent some messages to a few we saw popping up within the first few days post-launch to test this theory and were responded to by a fashion designer and a makeup guru.

Is Threads right for you?
Maybe. If you’re a creator, test the space! We’re all still in the infancy of learning this new platform so there’s no tips and tricks to offer.

If you’re a brand, I’d suggest being cautious. If you don’t have time to actively monitor the space, it may not be the right fit. Servicing your clients is paramount and if you’re going to post, that means you could get replies. Since Threads is so new, it does not currently interate with any social media marketing management platforms—which makes it difficult for a small team to handle. 

One of the highlights is the integration with Instagram. Normally, any brand or public figure should jump on a new channel immediately to reserve their username, but with Threads you don’t have to sweat it! When you sign up, your username is automatically populated based on your Instagram handle.

Another park? The blue checkmark looks like it will follow your account over too.

So what do you think of Threads so far?!