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A Queen Bee is a leader. In social media, being a thought leader is essential when it comes to your social media game. Timing is everything. The buzz needs to be about you and not your competitor.

We understand that while some businesses remain cautious about stepping into the digital spotlight, others have embarked on the journey but seek expert guidance. That’s where Queen Bee Social comes into play. We’re here to help you decode your audience’s desires and weave a relatable brand voice that resonates with your clients.

Social media is a fantastic bridge that allows your brand to interact with your fan base and make valuable determinations when it comes to your growth and endeavors. You’re right, the digital world does move at an extremely rapid pace, but that is why we keep up with the trends and have extensive training and education in the field–so you can feel confident in focusing on other aspects of your success while we build and nurture your customers.

There is an array of objectives that each organization may have. Queen Bee Social is able to help you with everything from training your staff to handling complex analytical reports that depict your growth and everything in between. Please view our services page for a listing of areas which we can assist you.



About the Queen Bee


Queen Bee Social was founded by Megan Washington in 2015. Megan was first recognized for her social media savviness in 2012 by Major League Baseball when she was named as one of the top 30 finalists out of over 22,000 applicants in the League’s social experiment. From there, Megan began assisting businesses and individuals with their social media presence–growing her employer’s network alone by nearly 6,000%!

Wanting to further her education in the field, Megan entered into the University of Florida’s Master of Arts in Mass Communication with a specialization in Social Media program.This educational odyssey equipped her with unparalleled insights and expertise, indispensable for any consultant striving to deliver exceptional value to their clients.

Her expertise also followed her into the collegiate classroom as an adjunct professor, empowering students with a comprehensive introduction to the dynamics of social media and digital marketing.

Additionally, Megan has received awards at the state and international level for marketing and social media plans. Her clients span an array of industries – theme parks, musicians, hair studios, politicians, sports, human resources, retail shopping and more.