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As a business, your goal is to connect with consumers and showcase your products and services, right? Of course it is! Then how would you benefit if your accounts are private?

This tip may seem like a no-brainer for some of you, but there are some businesses out there in the digital world that still haven’t cracked the code.

It pains me when I see businesses keeping their Instagram (and sometimes other platforms) on private. You’re limiting your growth! How can Sally and Jane see your creative marketing techniques on the platform if you’re preventing them from looking at it?

Would you like it if you walked into an ice cream shop, were greeted by a large wall where you couldn’t see employees or ask questions and weren’t allowed to see the ice cream choices before you had to buy something? No. That might actually inspire you to walk across the street to the other parlor where you can see the ice cream and interact with the brand’s employees (a la the brand voice).

People are visual creatures. This is why content is important on social media. If users cannot see your product and messaging freely, then they are going to run over to someone else who they can get all the goods from. What would be the benefit in following you if your account was private?

When you open your account to offer a public viewing, consumers can easily see your posts, your messaging, your deals and even comments that other users leave! Maybe Adam really liked one of your products that you featured on your account and he commented on your photo telling everyone how much he enjoyed it. That may allow Tom who is shopping for a similar item, and does not follow your brand, interested in your products since Adam was speaking praises. Tom then follows your brand.

Join in the conversation on social media, don’t prevent or limit it! Brag about your business through your creative postings and let everyone envy your products, customer service, and your account growth. Allow users to see the quirky hashtags you use! They will follow, but you need to make sure your business is in the lead. Let your personal accounts stay private (if that’s what you prefer), but let your business accounts flourish!