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It is getting to be that time of the year where people adopt resolutions with the hope of bettering themselves for the future. Among those resolutions is “giving up social media.” Social media has become a lifeline for many people through the technology that allows visual conferencing with family and friends and even the sharing of digital images that mark significant milestones in the lives of those we know. If one chooses to give up social media they give up the future of communication which is essentially going to leave them behind.

Others may label social media as a digital evil because of the drama that it can create. If you fall into that category and want to get away from social media, there are other options than simply giving it up. Many platforms offer privacy controls so you can block users and even their feeds from showing up. Bend the networks back into a way that you can leverage them to your benefit. Do not let the way that others are using the networks break the potential that is out there for you.


Below is a list of benefits that social media users are exposed to.

1. Life’s Special Moments
Family and friends have taken to social platforms to make announcements regarding special life milestones such as engagements and births. Forget your snail mail, email and even text messages. The first announcements are being sent via Facebook and Twitter.

2. Being In-The-Know
FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out is a real thing. As mentioned, many people take to social media to update their friends and family. These updates are not exclusive to life’s milestones and see users sending birthday messages, sharing event invites and one can even elect to send a private/direct message to see how you are doing, foregoing a traditional text. A friend may post about a fun vacation they went on and even share traveling tips. Someone else you know may share entertaining videos. Are you still going to feel the same if everyone sitting at your table during lunch are discussing things that were shared virally through social media and you have no idea what they are talking about? Talk about missing out.

3. Breaking News
While the television is quick to report news, you are able to see trending news stories even quicker via social media platforms. Stories spread quickly via sharing and retweeting, even quicker than a network can schedule a special briefing. Always keep your sources in mind because there has also been plenty of trickery such as the reported deaths of well known celebrities which have been nothing but a hoax.

4. Voicing Opinions
Brands are present on the various social networks because believe it or not, many of them care what their consumers have to say. This is a great way for them to make improvements to products and to insure their customer service experience meet user expectations.

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5. Taking Advantage of Deals
There are many brands that offer special offers because a user follows them on social media. One becomes eligible for coupon codes and discounts that can be applied to online purchases and even in stores. Additionally, many brands expand the user experience to gamification where users can link their information to applications which track their behavior and offer rewards. Users can be alerted of the new promotions exclusive to the brand’s downloadable application via Instagram (for example). Then when the user opens the store’s application on their smartphone device, the special offers may be present. Some stores will even tell you the more times your email address is entered into their system for purchases, the more offers and deals you will be eligible to receive.

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6. Trends
Many professions benefit from the access of social platforms like Pinterest. Teachers are able to gather ideas for their classrooms, students are able to view examples of resumes so that they stand out for jobs post graduation and digital designers are able to find tutorials for expanding their knowledge and skills on programs they use. These platforms are going to provide users with the best methods available for achieving the success they are after. For example, many brides have taken to Pinterest to create boards that feature ideas for flowers, dresses and decorations that are currently in style for their wedding. This is a free way to get ideas as compared to the “traditional” alternative which includes a cost for magazines to view the same information.

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7. Community
Social media allows users to connect through common interests. If you’re trying a new workout program for the first time, you are able to find groups of people to support you in your quest because they are going through (or have gone through) the same thing. It certainly makes sharing your experiences and asking for advice easier because some individuals may be too timid to ask people in their life off of the internet.

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8. Networking
So maybe you are looking for advice from someone in your field who is more experienced, or maybe you are just looking to make a career switch. Platforms like LinkedIn are valuable resources for networking with other people. You can also uncover information about a company you may be interested in by asking current employees what it is like to work for that particular employer.


What key reasons are keeping you on social media?

– Megan