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They say sometimes if you want something, you just need to ask for it.

This is very true in the case of gaining more likes, retweets, favorites and shares across the social media landscape. Seems like an easy concept, doesn’t it?

As a reminder, posts that include hashtags and images will generate higher engagement.

Try crafting your post to include an image, minimal text that is straight forward by telling your followers what you want them to do and include hashtags (try to keep it down to two).

Like this post if you can’t wait for [insert show name here] tonight! #showname #actor

This following image is from my personal Facebook account that is set to private and does not have a large reach.

This works for both personal and business accounts. Give it a whirl.

To cover the opposing end of this: Some may argue that Facebook “punishes” posts that are “like-bating”. The objective is to produce and share quality content. Check out the numbers.

Salesforce found that tweets that specifically ask followers to “retweet” receive 12X higher retweet rates than those that do not. When “retweet” is spelled out, the retweet rate is 23X higher than the average. When using the shortened version, the letters “RT,” instead, the retweet rate is 10X higher.